Preserving our traditions

Recently, more and more interest has been shown for the traditions of Selmec by the students of the Faculty of Economics, University of West Hungary, and not only for the formalities, but also for their noble ideas. Basically it is all about helping each other, introducing newbies to the new lifestyle, helping the ones in need, and the sense of belonging together later in life, too, with all carrying positive impacts and benefits even for long after the university years. Beside these ideas, joy and cheerfulness also have their place – of course, in well-mannered ways only. I was given the book “History of Traditions of Selmec” by Ferenc Perlaki (Forest Engineer, writer of the story, the uncle of my husband) on his 87. birthday, which served as the basis for the special lectures he delivered in 1954 as senior lecturer of University of Forest Engineering Sopron, Department of Roads, Railways and Exploration. He kindly accepted my suggestion to put it on the website of University of West Hungary, Faculty of Economics, so I’m very happy to introduce it to those who are fascinated by this subject.

Selmecbánya, 1846

Dr. Cecília Karner
associate professor